Your hotel in Scheffau: summer solstice fires in June

When the mountains are on fire

Our hotel in Scheffau offers a good starting position to watch the beautiful solstice fires on 22 June.

Our hotel in Scheffau is worth a visit at any time of the year, but a very special experience awaits you in June. On 22 June, during the shortest night of the year, the inhabitants of the Alps welcome summer in a very special way: with mystical fires on the mountains. This tradition, which dates all the way back to the Middle Ages, is an impressive spectacle that you should not miss during your stay at our hotel in Scheffau. Right from the comfort of our hotel in the Wilder Kaiser region, you can watch how numerous fires are lit on the surrounding mountains shortly after dusk that light up the night sky. Or even better: you can enjoy the spectacle from up close, while barbecuing at the Hartkaiser in Ellmau  for example or while enjoying a delicious meal at the Bergrestaurant Brandstadl in Scheffau. When you return to our hotel in Scheffau, you will certainly dream of the beautiful fairy lights along the summits.

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