Austrian “Kaiserschmarrn” and “Jause”

You should try it!

“Kaiserschmarrn” or “Jause”? Not an easy decision. Enjoy Tyrolean cuisine in small bites: with Tyrolean tapas!

If you spend a summer holiday in the Alps, there is one thing you cannot avoid: the delights of Tyrolean home cooking. Whether hearty or sweet, hot or cold – the dishes of alpine cuisine make you full and happy. That's why a foray into Alpine cuisine is an inevitable part of every stay in Scheffau.

Even though we find it difficult to limit ourselves to just a few dishes, we have summarised here what you should definitely try during your stay in the Wilder Kaiser region:

1. Kaiserschmarrn: Does the soft and fluffy dessert have anything to do with the Wilder Kaiser area? Of course, it is the national dish of the region. However, there is probably no relation to the mountains.

2. Jausenbrettl: Cheese, bacon, hard sausage, horseradish, gherkins, mustard, and butter with freshly baked bread, all served on a classic wooden board ... indulgence can be so simple!

3. Tyrolean tapas: Tyrolean cuisine in small appetizers? Only at Hotel Das Alpin! The great thing about it: you don't have to limit yourself to just a few dishes, just enjoy the whole range of alpine delicacies.

Enjoy your culinary journey!

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