Eat. Ski. Sleep. Repeat.

The three best ski meals

After a few strenuous descents, a meal in a rustic mountain hut tastes particularly delicious.

Fun on the slopes comes first, of course. But as we all know, skiing makes you hungry. Let’s have a look at the three tastiest meals for skiers that you should no miss during your stay at our ski hotel in the Alps.

#1Kaiserschmarrn. This classic Austrian dish is served with apple sauce, icing sugar, and/or jam and is known far beyond the borders of Austria. Tastes good as a main course or dessert.

#2: Kaspressknödelsuppe. A hearty but delicious dish with lots of cheese: Kaspressknoedel (pressed cheese dumplings) in a strong beef broth – after that you have energy for skiing down every slope.

 #3: Germknödel. An absolute classic. The large, hemispherical dumplings filled with plum puree are made from yeast dough, covered with melted butter, sprinkled with poppy seeds, and served with vanilla sauce.

And what is your favourite food during a skiing holiday? Whatever your answer – enjoy your meal!

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