Get ready to hit the slopes

With these 5 simple exercises

Ski gymnastics was then; today it is power workout!

Ski gymnastics sounds done and dusted? Well, what about a power workout for your next ski holiday at our Skiwelt accommodation?! The goal remains the same, now as then: Getting yourself into your best shape for the ski season as well as preventing injuries. These five simple exercises make for more body tension, balance, and endurance:

#1 Warm up: On-the-spot jog, while slowly gaining speed
#2 The first turns: Gentle squats
#3 Full power: Jumping lunge, switching foot
#4 Finish: Deep crouch, while gently bobbing up and down
#5 Cool-down: One-leg teeter, while shaking the other leg

Repeat this programme regularly in the weeks leading up to your ski holiday, ideally on four to five out of seven weekdays. Make sure to increase in effort and energy over time; this way you will be all set for some fun time on the slopes. We look forward to welcoming you in your best shape at the Hotel Das Alpin!

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