Special experiences during your winter holiday

With a husky sled through the winter wonderland

If you want to experience something special during your winter holiday, try a husky sleigh ride.

Everyone loves the faithful dogs with the ice blue eyes in which one seems to lose oneself: the huskies. But how often do you get the chance to sit on a sled pulled by these Siberian dogs? This is possible during your holiday at our 4-star hotel in Austria! In Söll, regular trips with a guide await you, including punch at the fireplace. You will learn a lot about these unique dogs and their origins. Husky means "strong" and "rough", because during the breeding we put great emphasis on their endurance. In Siberia the dogs often accompany the nomads as sled dogs over very long distances. Huskies are very friendly and independent dogs. Their hunting instinct is very pronounced, as is their sense of orientation. But the best way to get to know this beautiful dog breed is on a trip through the beautiful winter landscape of Scheffau. You will see: A sleigh ride with a husky pack is something very special on holiday at the Wilder Kaiser.

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