What better way to explore the Wilder Kaiser region …

… than with a llama at your side!

Create special holiday memories on a llama trek through the stunning Wilder Kaiser region. Read on to find out more about these lovable creatures.

Just imagine: you’re walking through the magical alpine scenery of the Wilder Kaiser region, breathing in the crisp mountain air, your trusty llama at your side … Wait a minute – llama? That’s right! When visiting Das Alpin, one of the best hotels in Scheffau in Austria, trekking with llamas is just one of the many activities you can enjoy all year round. The gentle, intelligent creatures are highly sociable and make the perfect companions for exploring our mountainous home. Originally used as pack animals in the Andes Mountains of South America, llamas are perfectly at home here in the Alps, and are happy to carry your bags so you can concentrate on relaxing and soaking up the tranquil atmosphere. Visitors during the winter months can enjoy leading their woolly companion on a hike through the pristine white landscape before warming up with cake and mulled wine (or cocoa, if you’d prefer). A real must for animal lovers and anyone looking to create special holiday memories!

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