Winter is feel-good time

Tips for a relaxing winter

Gentle heat, soothing massages, culinary bliss: this is how we love to spend a winter day.

Is there something better than spoiling yourself after a day in the crisp winter air? Putting your feet up, letting gentle heat envelop you, and experiencing culinary bliss… These are our tips for relaxing in winter:

Sweating in the sauna: The dry heat of the sauna penetrates your every pore; it heats up body and soul, and lets you come down in style. In our small yet lovely spa oasis, you will find our sauna gem. One thing is for sure: Afterwards, you will sleep like a log and in the morning, you will wake up well rested and ready for a new day.

Getting a soothing massage: If you are our guest, we strongly recommend you to try out one of our massages. The professional treatments dissolve tensions and strengthen your body for the next day on the slopes or cross-country tracks. Fancy a yummy chocolate or honey massage?

Experiencing culinary bliss: After a day on the slopes, a glass of (alcohol-free) wheat beer at our spa hotel at Wilder Kaiser does wonders. The isotonic drink fills up your energy reserves for the next challenge. Try it?

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