Who is Wilder Kaiser?

The legendary world of Scheffau

Where the Wilder Kaiser got his name from is unclear. What is clear, however, is that the mountain is surrounded by an incredibly mystical atmosphere.

The Wilder Kaiser – countless sagas, myths, and legends entwine themselves around these impressive mountains in the Tyrolean Alps. Where they got their name from is not clear. Various theories are in circulation, however. There is, for example, the story of a medieval mountain farm, whose daring inhabitants are said to have given the surrounding mountain world its name.

If you get up particularly early during your stay in our 4-star hotel in Austria and watch the first rays of sunshine on the steep flanks of the Wilder Kaiser, you will experience the magical atmosphere surrounding it And, you will understand why the Wilder Kaiser lives up to its name: Rugged rocks tower far into the sky like a wildly jagged crown. Even if the origin of the name is unclear, a glance at the mountains is enough to at least guess the origin and see the obvious resemblance to a crowned emperor.

By the way, did you know that right across from the Wilder Kaiser stands their majestic little brother? The mountains of the Zahmer Kaiser with flatter and lower peaks are characterised by gentle meadows and green forests.

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