TLC for your feet …

… with a foot reflex massage

Your feet carry you through life and can tell you a lot about your body. A foot reflex massage is a great way of giving them the TLC they deserve.


Our feet carry us uphill, down dale, and wherever else life may take us. Want to thank them for all their hard work? How about a foot reflex massage? Also known as reflexology, this massage is a form of alternative therapy which can boost the body’s self-healing powers. Certain areas of the foot are associated with specific organs or parts of the body, with the right foot linked to the right side of the brain and body, and the left foot with the left side. Applying gentle pressure to the special zones in the feet stimulates a reaction in the associated part of the body. If you feel any pain when pressure is applied to a specific point, this may indicate an issue with the corresponding body part. Experience the beneficial effects of a foot reflex massage for yourself at our Wilder Kaiser accommodation in Scheffau, Austria. This massage not only strengthens the immune system, but also improves circulation, helps you relax and unwind, and can soothe aches and pains.

Our tip: After your massage, rest and drink plenty of water!


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