Summertime is family time!

Fun and relaxation for all ages.

The kids are loving being off school and summer is in full swing. Scheffau is a great place to retreat from the heat and enjoy exciting experiences.

When the cities get hot and stuffy, it’s wonderful to escape to the mountains on a family holiday. The air is crisp and cool, and there are so many wonderful adventures that will delight holiday-makers of all ages. As well as visiting the thrilling mountain theme parks in the area, such as Ellmi’s Zauberwelt or Hexenwasser, your kids will also love romping through the mountain world around das Alpin, your hotel in the Wilder Kaiser region. If the mountain sunshine gets too warm for you, you can head into the shade of one of the local forests. Listen to the sound of the soft breeze stirring the branches of the trees, the chirping of the birds, and perhaps you can even try to spot the woodpecker tapping away on its hunt for food. It’s the perfect setting for a fun game of hide and seek amidst nature! And when you return to the hotel, you can enjoy thirst-quenching refreshment with soft drinks for the kids and perhaps a nice glass of wine or beer for Mum and Dad.

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