Freshly baked cookies, a fir tree, and candle light

Christmas time in Das Alpin

What is that heavenly smell…? Take a sneak preview of a traditional Christmas in Das Alpin.

Freshly baked cookies, a fir tree, candle light, and the crunching of your footsteps on the fresh, white snow – Advent is and will always be the most beautiful time of year. For all, who stay at home, we have prepared a sneak preview of a traditional Christmas with us in Scheffau.

  • There is something stirring in the kitchen: Busy hands are cooking up new recipes; it is their contribution to the happiness of many this Christmas. What about a royal poppy-seed-cherry-cream with gingerbread crumbles or a delicate tiramisu with spiced Christmas cookies?!
  • In the hotel-owned ski hire and service, last preparations are made to provide you with the newest gear during a winter holiday at our Skiwelt accommodation.
  • During Advent our hotel shows itself in its brightest lights: spick and span it is also boasting lovely Christmas decorations.

You see, we very much look forward to welcoming you here with us. Until then, may you be well and healthy and enjoy Advent and Christmas as much as we do.

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